Sylvanian Families
Family Set

  • Grocery Shopping trip Grocery Shopping trip The shopping cart is filled with many grocery accessories and the shopping cart can also carry the baby. Includes White Mouse Mother and Baby.
  • Village Gift Shop Village Gift Shop The Village Gift Shop includes over 35 accessories, such as bottles, pencils, rulers books and much more. Also includes Mrs Butterglove the shop keeper and Harold Beagle who has come to purchase some goodies.
  • Dress Shop Country Boutique Dress Shop Country Boutique The Dress Shop includes Striped Cat Sister, clothes rack, mirror and it also comes with three dresses in lovely designs.
  • Village Shoe Shop Village Shoe Shop The Village Shoe Shop contains over 30 pieces including 9 pairs of fashionable shoes to fit all Sylvanian sizes from babies, to children to adults. Also includes a mirror, shoe boxes, polish and a show stand. Figures not included.
  • Country Market Country Market
  • Ice Cream Cart Ice Cream Cart It is made up more than 25 pieces including: ◾push cart stand with umbrella ◾scoop ◾various ice ceam cones ◾various ice blocks
  • Street Market Street Market The new Street Market set includes a Pancake Stall which sells delicious sweet and savoury crepes, along with a new Toy Wagon selling all manner of exciting toys and games for the Sylvanian children.
  • Village Sweet Shop Village Sweet Shop
  • Hambuger Restaurant Hambuger Restaurant The Hamburger Restaurant is perfect for all the family. There’s plenty of seating inside and out and there is even a drive through service. Sycamore Cottage or Cedar Terrace can be placed on top of the Restaurant. Beechwood Hall can be added to make a wonderful extension to the restaurant or to create a large family dwelling. Figures not included.
  • Popcorn Cart Popcorn Cart The Popcorn Cart can be towed behind the ice cream van and comes with chocolate banana’s and popcorn. Figures not included.
  • Supermarket Supermarket
  • Toy Shop Toy Shop
  • Sweet Store Sweet Store